Community Service

Judges is located in Midwest City and we believe in giving back to the community. Schedule a day or entire weekend for 10% of our sales to be donated back to your organization. We also like to be sponsors of your event so please contact us today. So far we have donated to:

  • Choctaw Church of Christ
  • Country Estates Baptist Church
  • Disabled Veterans of America
  • Eastwood Baptist Church
  • Midwest City Battlefields Baseball Complex¬†
  • Midwest City Shield of Faith Baptist Church Back to School Backpack fundraiser
  • Rosary Catholic School Athletic Department
  • Schwartz School

We have also sponsored:Carl Albert High School Football Team

  • Carl Albert High School Football Team
  • Rosary Catholic School Class of 2015
  • Toys for Tots
  • Trailer Trash Bash 2015 sponsored by Liberty Fireworks

To schedule your event or fundraiser, contact us today or call our manager Luz Martinez 405-737-2522.